For those who take their action raw…?
Sometimes, when you’re sick as hell, the only thing that will make you feel better is French action super star Jean Reno. God bless him, Luc Besson and the rest of the hardworking men and women who devote their lives to producing that particular brand of Eurotrashy action flick I love so very dearly!
I will warn all of you in advance – this is not a particularly good movie. You probably shouldn’t even rent it, let alone buy the DVD like I did. The only redeeming factors are 1) it has Jean Reno in it and 2) the Wasabi scene. Okay, okay, and maybe 3) Ryoko Hirosue is cute as hell (her hair dyed yet another strange color).
My thanks to everyone who wished me well in my battle with what feels like it should surely be SARS (disclaimer to any overzealous JET administrators who should be reading this – it’s not!!!). I still can’t talk, but I suppose that is a good thing for those people around me. Sadly, I have to go to class now (can’t miss this one anymore) so I’m off…
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