Wedding Time…!!

I went to Scott and Jenn’s wedding over the weekend. This officially makes Scott the first of us to go ;) Scary!!! Although it makes sense, given that they’ve been dating for over 10 years! The actual ceremony was lovely – a small, intimate affair that took place on a fancy-schmancy golf-course country club thing that John swears up and down was designed by Jack Nicholson (at first I thought he said “Jack Nicholas” and I was like “why the hell would Jack Nicholas know anything about golf course design…?”)

wedding time!

The lovely couple posing as a wedding cake decoration…

Lots of close friends involved in the ceremony – playing violin or flute, ushering (the freakishly tall Joe who towers over everyone else and casts a dark, ominous shadow for meters ahead of him. I stood next to him in order to stay in the shade his massive frame provides from the scorching noon sun), reading and so forth. The priest, which you can see in the grey borderline-zoot suit (it was hella loose man) tried to crack a few jokes, but to be honest, I just wanted him to shut up and get it over with because he was anything but a natural comedian. By the way, whatever happened to the tradition of asking “If anyone knows any reason why this couple should not get married, speak now or forever hold your peace”…!?

wedding time!

what you can’t see is that the next second a golf cart drives by in the background…

Or the whole “I now pronounce you man and wife – you may kiss the bride”…!? I mean, they didn’t even kiss until after the whole thing was done!! Plus, how else can you have dramatic scenes where the boyfriend from long ago stands up at that crucial moment and shouts “baby!!! I love you!! Don’t marry him!!!” and a tearful bride realizes that she really doesn’t love her soon-to-be-husband and would rather run off with her free spirited former lover since he is truely her soul mate and go be marine biologists on some far off tropical paradise…? (hmmm, someone’s been watching too much “Lifetime- Television for Women” made-for-TV- movies….)

wedding time!

After this picture, YJ and I jumped into The Matrix to save the world…

But despite the lack of overt dramatic tension, it was still a beautiful ceremony and I am so happy for the new couple. A large part of this happiness was due to the absolutely delicious KFC chicken fingers/strips thingies they had for hor-durves afterwards….!! IT WAS SO YUMMYYYY!!!!!!!! errmmm…… *clears throat nervously and shuffles feet in silence*

wedding time!

Oh yes, we are sex-ay people, now aren’t we…?

There are actually a bunch more pictures from the reception, dinner and dancing afterwards, but I have to upload them later when I get a chance. I should add – John and I must have gotten them the crappiest gift there. The actual gift wasn’t too bad, but we bought it last minute (hey, we’re guys, okay..!?) and as a result, it got the ghetto wrapping job (i am unable to wrap a present without making it look like a package from the unabomber) and also the remarkable lack of a card (hallmark was closed at 7pm on a saturday, the bastards) necessitated that our sentiments be expressed in red Bic ball point ink scrawled on the back of the wrapping paper as we bounced up and down on under-construction roads in John’s truck, trying to balance the gift on my knee while simultaneously grabbing for the “oh-shit” handle as we fly around gravel roads.

wedding time!

John and I posing like unusually happy Italian hitmen.

The best part of the wedding is that I got to see lots of old friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, some even since my freshman year of college. It was a wonderful way to sort of come full-circle, and provide a nice sense of closure, for everyone to see each otherone last time before we all head off to whatever far-flung reaches of the globe life’s going to take us!!

After the reception we went on to celebrate John’s brother’s birthday at his lovely house in a quaint little unassuming town which is located next to one of the richest towns in America. They have three world-class championship golf courses in a town of 6700, if you can believe that, including the above mentioned Jack Nicholson-planned-one. I also got the opportunity to meet my nephew for the first time, as my brother drove down so I could see him (the kid, not my brother) before I left for Japan. He (my nephew) was so cute!! I could hardly believe it! And incredibly well behaved (must have gotten that from me, along with the cuteness, no doubt) *cough cough*.

And I promptly switched into baby-babble: “Say hi! say hi!! boobaloogoo goo goo gah!!”

Not having a kid myself, I rarely come into contact with ones as young as this – I was shocked how … well….. Squishy…!!! he was!! It fits the Japanese word “puni puni” perfectly. It was sort of cool to hold this squishy little human being in my hands and listen to him coo and giggle and drool and poop (well the pooping wasn’t so cool…) and stare off at the sky or far off clouds like I have so many times before while in class… What a cute kid!! Too bad I don’t have any maternal (or paternal as well, i guess LOL!) instincts!! The one time he did cry, I sort of just stood there, at a loss, holding him at arms length, trying to figure out what I should do. I do recall asking him once, in all seriousness, what was wrong, and then waiting for a response….!!!

Finally YJ, or John’s mom or my brother or someone’s random disembodied arm flies in around my shoulder with the quickness and stuffs a bottle in his mouth – and instantly he’s happy, drooling, bubbling milk all over and sucking on that bottle like a hamster on crack. (that’s what five years of college will do as far as making you sound erudite and educated). To be honest though, there’s a refreshing sense of simplicity to a baby’s life – i mean, you poop, you cry, they change your diaper, they give you food, you’re happy, you giggle. What more can you want out of life?

Well, I guess I can think of a few things, but you get my drift.

wedding time!

Three generations indulging in a rare moment of nap-time on the floor.

So all in all, a wonderful Saturday. I will post more wedding pictures when I get the chance to upload them. But as for everything else, I’m still busy trying to get my life in order for Friday, when I leave for Japan… Aaaauugghh!!! I still have so much to do…!!!!

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