Yeah! Wedding time…!

Yes, I realize there’s a Swedish flag on the table. I’m slow, OKAY..!?
So nobody told me that the groom was actually from *Sweden*, a fact whih became extremely relevant about midway through my conversation with the groom’s parents, as, despite my best efforts at making conversation:
Panda: “oh, you must be so proud of your son…! He’s such a wonderful young man! So where are you guys staying? So what kind of work do you do? What do you think about the ceremony thus far…?”
Groom’s Parent’s response: *nodding head to all questions* “Uhh. Uhh. Uhh. Uhhh. Uh.”
Our lovely table at the wedding reception.
After a while, feeling extremely disapointed with my interpersonal communication abilities (especially after three gorgeous blondes joined the little international conversation circle and also began to nod and repeat “uhh” after everything I said, their eyes wandering about the room, as if they would rather be anywhere than talking to me) I retreated to the safety of my seat, determined to sit and drink in silence for the rest of the evening. Then the festivities began, at which point the MC announces “And so our friends from Sweden can understand what’s going on, we will utilize the services of a professional translator….”. It then slowly dawns on me…. they can’t speak english…!
Contemplating my failure as a human being. Also, I need more sun.
Which makes me feel simultaneously better (I haven’t completely become a socially inept potato..!) and embarrased (they must have wondered why the hell that crazy guy kept on babbling on and on in a foreing language).
Since I’m too lazy to write anything more, enjoy some pictures from the reception:
I should say that Yuko got the better prop in this picture. I tried to eat the flag anyway.
Why is the lovely Yuko smiling so prettily in this picture?
Perhaps because she just learned to peel an orange..!?
I catch Risa’s true form with the sly off-the-cuff ninja camera shot.
Here a more composed Risa poses with the lovely Tomoko.
Mitsu te ni hana…!? I look happy for obvious reasons (^_^)/
International Exchange – Yuko and Risa learn the Chicken dance/Wisconsin Polka
I think Chris says it best: “That’s all Folks…!”
Now listening to: “Paul Van Dyk – The Politics of Dancing (CD1)” Happy Eurotrance Panda!
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