Yuki necklace

Having nothing better to do at 12:15 in the evening after work and planning to skip class tommorrow anyway, I decided to scan the ridiculous Taz instructions that came with the Taz Kinderegg. The best part of this is his expression!
Yuki told me that she’s moving to Washington by the end of March to attend college. This came rather suddenly. I gave her a necklace which I had made for her (out of hemp I stole from her anyway (^_^)/!) and then we proceeded to have one of our knock-down drag-out US vs. Japan debates, about Iraq of course (that is the topic du jour nowadays).
I wish my Japanese was better so I could communicate the intensity of my emotions without sounding like an exceptionally angry, yet curiously polite third-grader. The problem is that Japanese just doesn’t have words like fucking…!! in it.. Yuki’s suggestion was that I go with “cho”, but I feel like a kogyaru whenever I use it (too many days in Shibuya did I hear many a girl squealing Cho mukatsuku…!! into her ketai…). So I guess that’s out. For those of you interested, here’s a site that perfectly describes what it’s like to learn Japanese!
Apparently Yuki has taken to dressing like Trinity from the Matrix. Or at least pseudo goth. On a related note, Japanese goths are quite amusing, because they look like the most curiously angst-ridden Little Bo-Beeps you can imagine (right down to the black frilly pseudo-nurse skirt and bonnet). The next time I’m in Harajuku I’ve resolved myself to take a few pictures to post up here.
Yuki retorted by proclaiming that I have become a fashion victim. This may be true. Look at all that leather man!! At least one cow must have died to clothe me…
At any rate, I think that 7 posts or so in a row within the span of less than a day should be enough to jump start this blog *(o.O)*/. I doubt I’ll continue such a pace once the novelty of this all wears off! Besides, who wants to look at pictures of my life anyway…?
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